It is something small. It perfectly fits in our hands. It is absolutely silent. But it powers our smartphones, computers, airplanes, weather stations and spaceships. Simply put, it powers our entire modern life. It represents a big step forward, a non stop evolution and a masterpiece of humanity. We call it the microprocessor.
Since it's invention around 40 years ago, the performance increased million times. Numbers that were astronomically large for technology have been exceeded incredibly fast. Every single milestone achieved on this journey engraves a chapter in a constantly growing history book, a book, that can be seen as a world itself - a world of the microprocessor!

This museum, founded and managed by HARDWARECOP is dedicated to this amazing little thing. It shows my yet small, but steadily expanding collection. I have made this museum to share my passion on microprocessors with you.

Ready? Lean back and enjoy your trip through the fascinating world of sillicon art! :)

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